Nature's Way Kids Smart Vita Gummies Immunity

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Production Information

Tasty soft gummies with black elderberry, vitamin C, zinc and honey for resilient immunity.

• Provides powerful immune support

• Supports body’s own ability to fight against a wide variety of viruses

• Supports comfort and relief from ills and chills

• Safe to be taken at first signs of ills and chills or all year round

• Delicious berry flavour and free from artificial colours, sweeteners and dairy

Nature’s Way Kids Smart Gummies Immune provides elderberry extract. Numerous studies have shown elderberry helps to prevent replication of viruses by preventing them from sticking to a cell. During an infection, viruses stick to the cell membrane then penetrate the wall with their “tail” – this can cause toxic effects to the cells they infect. Vitamin C, zinc and honey are also included to help support a healthy immune system. This is provided in a delicious natural berry flavoured soft gummie that kids will love to take!


Ingredients Per Gummy

Black Elderberry Sambucus nigra (equiv. to fresh juice) 500mg, Honey 50mg, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 25mg, Zinc (oxide) 1.5mg

No dairy, artificial colours or sweeteners.


Contains honey.

Directions for Use

One gummie twice a day for children from age 2