Franjos Activated Charcoal & Salt Belly Bump Crackers

Franjos Activated Charcoal & Salt Belly Bump Crackers

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Franjo's ‘crackers for your cravings’ have been designed by their very own naturopath and nutritionist. All ingredients were specifically chosen with pregnant mums and their little ones in mind.
Whether or not you are nauseous or have cravings, we hope that our crackers will help to not only nourish you and your growing baby but give you the answer to that ever burning question “WHAT CAN I EAT!?”

In a very nourishing, nutrient dense and gluten free base Franjo's have included a high grade, tasteless, quality activated charcoal which has been used for years to help relieve many of the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy. We also use Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakestm which is one of the best salts going around. It ticks the boxes not only nutritionally but also taste bud wise. What pregnant mum doesn’t love a salty cracker?

Eat our crackers first thing on their own as you roll out of bed, top them with a simple spread, some protein and salad for lunch or dip in to your soup for dinner. You will love these extremely satisfying crackers.

Whilst pregnant we know that what you put in your body is so important so you won’t see any additives, preservatives, colours or artificial nasties. Only real stuff. Wholefoods.

Our vegan crackers are diary, egg, gluten and refined sugar free.

Produced on equipment that makes products containing gluten, dairy and nuts.

SIZE: 14 Biscuits Per Tin