Egg Maternity Pregnancy Support Belt

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Recommended by obstetricians this maternity belt supports the back and abdomen and provides a gentle lift to your baby.  So slim it can be worn under your clothes to maximise your comfort at any stage of during your pregnancy.  EGG's Ultimate Support Belt.

OSFA, this belt provides instant relief from lower back ache, providing a gentle lift to your precious bump.

30% Cotton, 30% Foam and 50% Nylon a blend that allows your skin to breathe and not overheat.

'Cup' Dimensions - 47cm.  This the measurement from one side of your pelvic bone to the other.  This is the dimension that 'cradles' your bump.

57cm - each 'arm' dimension that you gently wrap around your lower back to position under your bump for support.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Please see your Health Practitioner if severe symptoms persist.