Chicco Boppy Nursing Pillow - Denim Animal

Chicco Boppy Nursing Pillow - Denim Animal

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Production Information

The versatile Boppy Pillow is designed to provide the best and most comfortable support for mum and baby during their first year of bonding! The Boppy pillow will support you through a variety of different stages from nursing, to propping, tummy time and sitting up!

Boppy pillows special padding helps the mother to maintain a comfortable position, reducing muscle tension in the arms, shoulders and neck. The pillow also provides your baby with the correct support, helping them to maintain a comfortable and natural position whilst feeding. 
Inside the padding there is our special "Miracle Middle Insert", designed to adapt to the body of the mother and not lose its shape over time. The Boppy pillow is recommended by midwivespillow-heading..png

Height- 40cm
Width- 47.5cm
Length/Depth- 15cm
Weight- 1.3kg