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Milk it Kit

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Milk It Kit: Back to Work Survival Kit for Breastfeeding Mums provides peace of mind for nursing moms returning to work and planning to pump milk for their babies.  The Kit is the perfect back to work gift or baby shower gift for a friend, coworker, relative or your proud pumping self!

Included in the Kit:
2-sided Door Hanger 
2 Folded Desk Signs
1 Pump Bag Tag
32 Milk Labels
3 Milk It Stickers

Content Details:
2-sided Door Hanger {privacy sign} 
Keep those pesky coworkers on the other side of the door while you pump!  {two sides let you decide how to say kindly “keep out”}
Side One: WAIT Just a minute please Nursing Mum at Work
Side Two: WAIT Just a minute please Room in Use
size: 4.25 x 9"; material: durable FSC-certified 100% recycled paperboard, crafted with veggie-based inks and adhesives
2 Desk Signs
Subtly step away from your desk without needing to announce “off to pump ... again”  
Plaid Desk Sign: "Stepped Away ... back in twenty"
Milk Bottles Desk Sign: "Back in Twenty" with vintage milk bottles
size: 4.25 x 4.5" (4.25 x 2.25" when folded); material: thick card stock, printed with soy-based inks
1 Pump Bag Tag {luggage tag}
May your multi-tasking mind never misplace your pump bag (gasp!).  And for traveling moms - tag lets security know this isno ordinary carry-on. Maybe someday we won't have to exclaim: "It's my breast milk and pump!" in front of other business travelers.
size: 3.25"; material: durable FSC-certified 100% recycled paperboard, crafted with veggie-based inks and adhesives; metal ball chain: certified lead-free
32 Milk Labels (4 fun designs)
Politely say hands off breast milk stored in communal refrigerator or label baby bottles for daycare with baby's name, date, milk instructions.
Fun and functional waterproof, freezer-proof, removable labels for breast milk storage bags & bottles, baby bottles, baby food, etc!  Writeable with regular ball point pen or fine-tip permanent marker.
size: 2" circles; material: special waterproof, freezer-safe material that will remove easily.  Latex Free, Phthalate Free, BPA Free, and Lead Free with food-safe adhesive (FDA 175.105 compliant).
Milk Label Designs:
Not for Lattes™
Pure Milk
Reserved for Baby
Will Cry Over Spilled Milk
3 Milk It Stickers
Go Mommy Go!  Stick these waterproof, freezer-safe stickers anywhere! ... on your pump, milk cooler or work fridge!
This Way Up (will cry over spilled milk)  - great for your milk cooler full of precious milk!
Go Mummy Go 
Don't Forget the MILK!
size: 3" circles; material: special waterproof, freezer-safe material with strong adhesive to stay put.  Latex Free, Phthalate Free, BPA Free, and Lead Free.  Adhesive is FDA 175.105 compliant - safe for incidental food contact.

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