Finding the Right Fit of Maternity Jean

Selecting the best fit for your body type can be a little overwhelming especially when you are pregnant but we’ve made it easier for you. EGG offers a range of fits that have been designed to flatter and enhance your growing curves. So find out what fits you best!


Find your right fit!


Very fitting through the thigh and knee and then tapers at the ankle. The Super Skinny is the only jean that can be worn tucked into your boots! The Skinny Maternity Jean is suitable for Vase and Hourglass body types as it helps emphasize curves and lengthen legs. Pregnancy is actually one time when if you have not worn Skinny Jeans before you can get away with it as your bump balances out the proportions and are great to wear under tunics if your thighs are on the fuller side.

EGG Maternity Skinny Legging Jeans come in a variety of washes and suit all shapes and sizes when you are pregnant


Slightly fitted at the thigh, knee and continues down to the ankle without being overly fitted. This style flatters most shapes and is particularly good for the Column and Cornet body type.

To identify your body type please go to my Stylist Page

The Miracle Jeans  are great Straight leg fit and make your bottom look smaller by the clever way the pockets have been designed.


Firmer fit than a straight leg, in particular through the thigh and knee and then continues straight to the ankle but does not taper like a Super Skinny. Ideal for the Hourglass, Lollypop, Goblet & petite body types as it emphasizes curves and lengthens legs.

The 9  Jeans are a perfect example of a slim fit jean and come in black too!


Slightly fitted at the knee and gently widens at the ankle to fit naturally over boots. Ideal for Pear, Cello & Apple body types as it balances out the curves with the slightly wider hem opening. When worn with a heel it also gives the illusion of longer legs.

The Boot Cut Jeans will elongate and balance your proportions

Check out our 1 minute video with Casey Williams getting the low down on the different style of maternity jeans.

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