Makeover Maternity Masters

We all want to have that pregnancy glow but it is often difficult when you are tired, hormonal, and feel like you are carrying a watermelon !

I am excited to begin a series of fabulous beauty, hair & clothing tutorials with celebrity favorite and creator of Makeover Masters - Lisa Matson for her tips & recommendations.

But first ...... some tips from me - Charlotte Devereux on starting from the inside!

The trick is to keep your skin sparkling clean and hydrated drinking one glass of water every 2 hours. Yes I know you will be running to the loo every 5 minutes but you will be getting far more dehydrated than usual . Trust me it is worth it not just for your skin but your whole well being. When I was pregnant I would wake up in the night constantly thirsty but drinking a glass of water did not quench my thirst . Then I discovered that if I kept hydrated during the day it got me through the night plus I did not have to pee so much when I was trying to get my precious sleep. Green juices are also a fav of mine & if you are experiencing morning sickness add some fresh ginger.


The good news is the potential to have glowing skin because your body's own hormones are keeping your facial tissue all full and plump and your heart is plumping blood into your cheeks and lips at twice the rate. To help to keep its glow - EGG's Organic Rose Hip Oil is not only wonderful for helping to prevent stretch marks it is also my secret to keeping my face glowing when I am dehydrated especially in Winter.

When there are days when your not feeling like the maternal, glowing goddess you thought were supposed to be, your body is going through some crazy changes and you feel like a mad woman my advice is to fake it and it will only take 10 minutes (if you have the energy!)

The first of our series is to start at the beginning with the essential maternity makeup "Prep & Prime"

Prep & Prime tutorial with Lisa Matson from Makeover Masters

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Stay posted for more tips from Makeover Masters celebrity fav Lisa Matson & EGG Maternity.

Have a beautiful week



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