Beautiful Ideas on how to Celebrate your Pregnancy News

Upon hearing the exciting news of your pregnancy, it may feel like a miracle just happened in your life (and it is!!!). Many couples want to celebrate getting pregnant with all their friends and family, while others want to celebrate together as the new Mum & Dad to be.

1. Decide when you want to share the news with family and friends.

Depending on the pregnancy, you may want to wait until the three month visit just to be sure everything is going as planned. I was lucky with my first pregnancy as I did not realise I was pregnant until I was 11 weeks (I thought it was food poisoning as I was in India and as I had not had a proper period in years) otherwise I would have been terrible keeping a secret!


 2. Gather your besties and family over for a Pregnancy Announcement Sunday lunch

Celebrating your pregnancy with the ones you love. Keep the news a secret until all of the guests arrive. Brainstorm a way to creatively tell the group. There are so many wonderful & Inspirational Ideas on Pinterest so get pinning! Here is one of my favourites.

3.  Plan a Babymoon getaway with your baby daddy to a romantic bed and breakfast.

This will be one of the last times you will enjoy a little mini-holiday before the bundle of joy arrives, so enjoy the time together.

 4.  Set up a pregnancy blog to celebrate your pregnancy.

If you create a blog, you can update it frequently and share your maternity adventure with your close friends and family. You can even upload some of your ultrasound pictures to the blog to show the new baby's development. Blogger who I use is amazing and it is FREE!!!


5. Go Maternity Clothes Shopping.

It becomes real when you purchase your first maternity must have. Now there are so many gorgeous styles available now it is even more of a reason to celebrate your new found curves. Start with the basics and don’t feel one or two gorgeous dresses that make you feel like a maternal goddess. EGG Maternity have a sale on now for gorgeous Maternity Clothes plus Breastfeeding Tops and Dresses so an even better excuse to go shopping!

6. Have a Maternity photo shoot.

Whether it is a professional one or your baby daddy takes the pics it is so wonderful to capture this special time. I love the idea of taking photos in stages. Here is a cute idea to celebrate each milestone.


  1. Celebrate the pregnancy or birth news by creating a baby announcements to send out.                        You can post or email the news instead of gathering a group to make the formal announcement. I posted a Hershey’s bar of chocolate out to my friends and printed out a new wrapper to say “Geoff & Charlotte have the sweetest announcement ever, on March 29th a very special arrival is due” This was in the days when email was just new and social media was unheard of! A great way to share your news in through through Evite

I hope this gives you a few ideas to celebrate one of the most magical times in your life.

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