Can You Hear Me Baby?

Sound will be your baby's major source of stimulation, and after the sixth month sound becomes a baby's major information channel. You may feel silly but talking to your baby can help to create a bond pre-arrival. If you are feeling stressed and raising your voice your little one can also hear so try and keep your voice as soothing as possible. Yes I know it is hard when you have some stress going on or when your partner comes home late while you've been left to run around after a toddler or two!!! Take a deep breath and focus on your baby which will bring down the noise level.

Playing Music can also be beneficial as not only does your unborn love it, it remembers! Certain music you play while pregnant if repeated after your bambino is born can calm them and help with sleep time. My favourite is "My Musical Pregnancy" Available at: It offers relaxed and gentle music for mother and unborn child. Created by award winning composer Raimond Lap.

Another beautiful way to connect with your baby is through wearing a Pregnancy Chime Necklace which is  has been designed to sit above or over the pregnant tummy. The gentle chime soothes your baby and has been used for many years by the women of Bali (also known as a Pregnancy Bola Necklace). After your precious bundle is born you can wear the necklace and chime it to calm your baby. EGG have a beautiful selection of chime necklaces that are very fashion forward too! The EGG Maternity Chime Necklace comes in 4 different styles, star, globe, heart and tassel can be opened to changed the colour of the chime ball & comes with 2 balls - so you can interchange for a different look.


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