Celebrating our Mother's

I would  like to share my story of an incredible Mother. 

The most inspirational women that has nurtured me through my roller coaster life and set a wonderful path for myself and others. My mother, Colyn Devereux Kay, business partner of EGG, mentor, best friend. Four years ago my darling mother was dealt the cruel hand of the debilitating disease, Alzheimer’s. It has been heart breaking too see such a beautiful & intelligent women have so much of what she treasured taken away from her. Through the incredible sadness and mourning of the mother I once had I have found out so much more about the amazing women that she was. The wonderful stories that people have shared with me on how she inspired them to start a business or how she mentored and encouraged them to take that leap of faith. Her brilliance of mind and the most extraordinary inner and outer beauty is always around me and will stay in my heart forever. It was only 5 years ago that Colyn was awarded an Order of Merit for her contributions to business – this was the proudest moment of my life. Last year she was inducted into the Business Women’s Hall of Fame which was inspired by her and set up by Tara Lorigan founder of Company of Women. Such a treasured occasion. A tireless campaigner for the N.Z Breast Cancer Foundation she graciously chaired the board for many years and had the honour of becoming the first woman chairman on the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce – an outstanding achievement.

Through my darkest days when she can’t remember me or I see her so fragile it breaks my heart, I hold closely everything that she has taught me and the love I have been so lucky to have had from her. I have made a promise to share my stories, good and bad in the hope to inspire and give hope to women that are facing tough times that we as women are strong, we are brave and we are loved. Colyn’s favourite saying was “From little acorns do mighty oaks grow”. Anything is possible if we believe in ourselves – so please believe in yourself and seize the day.

Thank you Mum for inspiring me. 

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Love Charlotte

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