Helpful Hints in Naming Your Baby

What's in a name? A lot, actually. Naming your baby or baby to be can be one of the hardest parts of starting a family, fraught with arguments, opinions and bad choices. You need to make sure your child's name easily rolls off the tongue, totally reflects the kind of parents you are and most importantly you both love it - well, one does and the other has to at least like it!

I had always loved the name India and a week prior to giving birth a girlfriend of mine named her baby India. We had not discussed names together so I was beside myself for a week as I felt there was no way I could use the name I had visualised for ever. Would she think I had copied her? I became obsessed!!! Indigo, Indiana, I was trying out every name that was connected with the name I adored.  When the big day arrived I looked at this little bundle of dark hair and there was only one name for her.

India Rose Devereux Evison

1. Excuse the pun. Some parents, whether intentional or by fluke, give their baby a name that can very easily be turned into a pun. Before you think that Justin Tyme (just-in time) is cute, think about what poor Penny (penny for your thoughts) will have to endure for the rest of her life. If the name you choose has an obvious pun or idiom, scratch it off your list. There’s enough pun in the world in the form of North West (Kim K and Kanye West’s little one).

2. Billy rhymes with You guessed it. I didn’t even need to spell it out for you. Boozy Suzy, fatty Matty and prissy Chrissy join Billy in the list of names that rhyme. Now, this may be cute to you and your significant other but it won’t be cute to the grade one bully who realises that your child’s name has a built-in teasing mechanism.

3. Pronunciation Why spell Michael, Mykel? While it may seem unusual (and yes I know, special) to give your child a common name that is spelt differently, all you are actually doing is setting your child up to correct people for the rest of his life. When you choose a name, spell it like you say it. If you mispronounce the name when first reading it, chances are others will too.

4. Keep it simple The length of your surname should have some effect on how long your baby’s first name will be. Life is hard enough as it is. You don’t want to give your child a tongue twister that they are only able to spell in grade four.

5. Celeb inspiration One word: no. Celebs are great at inspiring fashion trends, but baby names… not so much. Blue Ivy, Cricket Pearl and Bear Blu may roll smoothly off the tongue in celeb-ville but will not go down well in a South African classroom. Just because Beyonce’s child can pull it off, doesn’t mean your child can. 

And while we are on the subject of names....... 

Have a wonderful week

with love from Charlotte





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