Romance is Born - 9 tops tips

The beautiful experience of pregnancy can take a real toll on your energy, mood, health, and ability to take the time to look and feel good. So in celebration of Valentines day, I would love for you to focus on how we can still feel beautiful about yourself , your growing body, and also look good for your love while the mama-oven is working overtime. I know it sounds a bit old school but when you look good - you feel good.

Here are my  9 Top Tips to create some Romance this February

1. Have some mama pampering
Do some things that make you feel good – get a pedicure , although you may not be able to see your feet, they will feel gorgeous. Or even better – a pregnancy massage. This was my savior for my last trimester. If this does not work into your budget, then time to get the love of your life to give you a foot massage. EGG Essentail Care Soothing Foot Gel at $24 is a snip and will help to cool those tootsies! Plus for the month of Feb EGG are giving a Foot Gel and Bath & Shower Gel valued at $50 free with every purchase over $150

2.Emphasise your femininity
Sure, we’re not all pink and frilly every day, but when you want to feel sexy and feminine take some time out for yourself to do your hair and your makeup. Now is not the time to experiment with your hair i.e changing hair colour or a dramatic hair cut but perhaps adding a few curls or using some straitening irons could help to make you feel a litte bit sexy. You already have that glow so emphasize it! If you are not feeling so crash hot then give yourself a facial. There are some great face masks available that can create that glow. I cheat and use Glam Glow - a little miracle in a pot.


3. Keep your weekly dates
There really is power behind having something too look forward to, and it when it comes to enjoying yourself even when you don’t feel your best, take advantage of these nights with your partner. If you have not had dates nights in the past now is time to get these in place as you will need them more than ever once your bambino has arrived. Fish and chips on the beach or star gazing at your local planetarium - somewhere you can put your feet up and have fun too!.


4. Plan a Babymoon
Take a mini vacation getaway near or far – just away from home. Leave the laundry and dishes and go make fun memories together that will buoy you up and give you more positive memories of your pregnancy. Getaways when you already have children do require some extra planning. If you can be near water then that is the best place to be to help you feel relaxed and bouyant and the negative irons from the sea create the most positive mood for your well being.


5. Allow yourself some help
When people offer you some help, take it if you need it! It will help your stress level and – really – sometimes it’s okay to be the one served! I was not good at asking but now I am the expert as you don' t want to become resentful at being pregnant. I was blessed I had my mother who was a wonderful helping hand. 


6. Don’t extinguish the spark
There are lots of ways to keep the spark alive throughout your whole pregnancy. I know my husband found my growing belly sexy while I felt I looked like I had eaten way too many pies. I had to get over how I felt about my body and learn to embrace my growing curves. Keeping the romance is going to help both you and your partner to feel good, be happy and enjoy each other. Sex may be the last thing on your mind when you are feeling like a beached whale but with the help of some gorgeous lingerie (that you can also wear for Breastfeeding after baby) combined with some candle light will work wonders.


Cake for beautiful Lingerie

7. Comfort & feeling attractive is key
Make sure you have a few maternity clothes that you REALLY feel good in. You don’t have to go spend a fortune on them, but if you invest in a few things that you absolutely love and try to wear those on date nights or times you want to look your best, you will feel it! There’s nothing wrong with wearing yoga pants (my favorite!) to keep comfortable, but don’t underestimate the power of dressing up, and feeling good.


The new Maxi Empire dress - romance is born 

8. Be motivated to make an effort
I know how hard it is to get ready for the day when you’re feeling sick, have toddler cereal in your hair, and are trying to keep your feet up to make the swelling go down… but if you want to get the results of feeling better about yourself, you need to give your self some priority. Believe me I know, as I had two children already when I was pregnant with my daughter India and running EGG, spending time on myself seemed impossible! Not every day but occasionally, get up 15 minutes earlier so you will have a chance to do your makeup or at least freshen up to a clean face every day. You’ll feel more awake, more energized, more prepared to face the day along with the challenges it will bring, and besides, the freshly showered smell is always preferred by yourself… and the love of your life!


9. Choose your attitude
Our thoughts and attitude truly do color any situation. Being a needy, grumpy, frump is way more unattractive than the same woman who although may feel that way, shows her partner a beautiful smile, kiss, talks more about the things you’re looking forward to with baby, positive parts of pregnancy and excitement. It is okay to vent and you have every right as the hormones will be going crazy but with the help of mediation or some breathing time you will be able to cope much more. I found some amazing pregnancy meditations which helped me incredibly. Here is a favorite Prenatal Meditation. You will be glad you did. The pregnancy experience will be 100% different for yourself and your love.


Prenatal Meditation

In celebration of Valenetines Day we have a very special gift.


Happy Valentines and may Feb be an extra special month for you.

With love from Charlotte
& the chics at EGG



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