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Here at EGG we are about sharing the love so from today we will be sharing weekly exercises from week 12 of your journey until after your precious bundle arrives. These exercises can be done throughout most of your pregnancy too so no problem if you are further along. Plus they are only a few minutes long and guided by leading Pregnancy Fitness guru Lorraine Scapens

The benefits of exercising  during pregnancy begin immediately and last your whole life. Your baby will start reaping the benefits in the uterus, too. Would you like more reasons? Please read below!

1. Can set you up for the rest of your pregnancy: maintain a routine, get used to exercising at a slower pace and lower intensity and you can start to concentrate on specific pregnancy exercise and posture correction.

2.  Can help with constipation which is a condition that is common due to the pregnancy hormone progesterone. Progesterone slows down the food process and your intestines get squished out of the way quite quickly making way early for your growing uterus.

3. Can help increase low blood pressure. Low blood pressure can be another early pregnancy symptom but tends to be more common from weeks 11-23. Exercise can help to increase low blood pressure which may stop you from feeling dizzy or lightheaded during the day. If you do suffer from low blood pressure I have also found that eating small amounts of food every 2 hours really helps.

 Stay tuned for more!

with love

Charlotte & the Chics at EGG

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