Working & Staying Home with Your Bambino

When I was pregnant with my first child Jasmin 14 years ago I was faced with a big conundrum! Do I go back to work or stay home with my baby? I enjoyed working and enjoyed even more having my own money however I did not want to see my Jasmin in day care when she was so little. This is when EGG was hatched! Colyn my mother and business partner and I designed a small range of maternity clothing that I sold from home which was perfect for me as most of my work I could do when Jazzy was asleep. When I had range showings girls loved having my baby there as it was of course all about babies!!! It was very exciting back then as I was featured on the cover of Next magazine - wearing EGG of course! I was very fortunate to have an article in the magazine about the business and that is how we started back all those years ago.



We have since come full circle and are going back to our roots hatching a more personal approach with my latest baby - EGG Maternity Concierge.We are creating a new style of service using the concierge concept to showcase EGG similar what we did 14 years ago. This means that a customer’s individual needs are catered for whether it be supplying stylish maternity clothes or putting her in touch with the local Doula. The EGG Maternity Concierge is versatile in sharing information and creating a beautiful experience for the Mother to be depending on what her needs are. This means that the service is individual and unique.

This is a perfect opportunity!

If you are looking to earn some extra money and stay at home with your precious bundle (I dream of those days and would love to go back there myself!) So would you like to become an ambassador for EGG? As your own business we can offer various ways in which to sell the product and interact with your customers. Your customers can either pop in to a physical showroom at your home, try on garments and have the one on one contact (this is called Show Rooming), or you can take the range to them and they can order online with the click and collect system or free delivery to their door direct from EGG. A maternity concierge is a like a one stop shop for pregnant women who wish to have a personal shopping experience with friends, family and colleagues and every experience will be special as it meets the needs of the individual.

Please email me if you have any questions or would like to read more
If the EGG Maternity Concierge is not for you there are many other great opportunity's


You can freelance just about anything these days. From writing jingles to managing a blog to acting as a project manager, you can secure jobs that don't ever require you to pick up a phone or interact with anyone except via email (a perk when you have a vocal toddler who always has an "emergency" when the phone rings). Finding lucrative gigs doesn't even have to be a painful process.

Secret shopping

Even though you stay at home with your little ones, you still need to get out and about every now and then. Why not get paid to do some savvy snooping while you're at it? Restaurants, grocery stores, retail shops, hotels and even amusement parks look for observant, reliable shoppers to be their eyes and ears. There is great freedom as a secret shopper – you choose when and where you want to shop and are under no obligation to accept assignments. And the perks can be many – some free meals (with the kids) and hotel stays (without the kids) can truly be worth the effort.

Capitalise on your hobbies

Have a knack for cake decorating? Brush up on trendy techniques through a community course, set up a website, use your kitchen to begin the cupcake shop you've always dreamed of or be the wedding cake diva you've always known you could be. Make your own greeting cards? Get a small business license and hawk your wares at area shops (even better – your kids can "play" along with you as you cut, paste and design). How about selling on Trademe or Ebay???



A mother's job is never done, but that doesn't mean you can't take time to put yourself first every now and then and earn some money while you're at it. It'll keep you out of the red and, even better, out of high heels!


With Love

Charlotte & the Chics at EGG


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